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This before & after is me! Be a product of the product, right?

I am an avid coffee AND tea drinker these days as I maneuver life with two young boys. My workout supplements add to the discolouration too. 

I treated myself to a 20 minute Crystal Session, while I sat back and watched The Bachelorette. #sorrynotsorry. 

No tooth sensitivity was noted for me. And I am loving my results!

Diamond Session

This client had quite bright teeth to begin with and the after picture really doesn't do the end result justice. She whitened very nicely! 

She has mildly sensitive teeth to begin with and reported only minor, tolerable, sensitivity that diminished shortly after the session was done. 

Platinum Session

This client was fairly light to begin with and does have developmental white spots on her teeth. She also has a natural grey undertone which is a little more challenging to whiten. 

She brightened up very nicely and no sensitivity was reported.

Platinum Session

This beauty sure had a white Christmas! Look at those results!

She had mildly sensitive teeth to begin with and reported no sensitivity during her session.

Platinum Session

I am loving these results! As you can see, this client has a unique situation where she is missing a tooth. 

We did a whitening session to brighten her teeth in preparation for a bridge to replace the space. This way the dentist can match the porcelain bridge to the rest of her teeth for a flawless look. 

She had sensitive teeth to begin with, but reported no sensitivity during the session, and only minor sensitivity shortly after which deminished the next day. 

Platinum Session

Wowza! These results!! 

If this doesn't motivate you to brighten your smile, I don't know what will!

On the shade guide, this client went from S28 down to S12!

This was her first time whitening her teeth and reported no sensitivity during her session.